Monday, October 10, 2011

Your Order Downloads

Are you nervous?

I'm nervous. Murphey's Law seems to follow me around wherever I go. And, doing website stuff is the worst.

I like to do trial downloads just to make sure everything is working.

Here's the one I did the other day. I bought a regular priced item and a sale item.

After paying and checking out, you get a confirmation email that will look like this:

It shows you what you purchased, how much it was, the format, AND where to download the files.

If you select the link, it will take you back to the Original Stitches website and have you log in. ALL of your information and downloads are under the "My Account" selection at the top of the page.

After selecting "My Account" you select your order and that will look like this (minus the red boxes, those are my nifty additions):

Near the bottom is where the money is. Oh yeah, I just typed that!

You have 90 days and at least 2 downloads for each file purchased.

Yes! 90 days! I have four young kids, I know you can't always download what you need in a day. Maybe you are on your phone or maybe the internet went out.....either way you have 90 days to forget about your download your order.

If you ever have any questions, just return to your "My Account" page. Or email me, I'm almost always available. With four young kids, who wouldn't be?   ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Tip: Saving time with your Heat N Bond Lite

Titles, titles, titles.

Titles are not my strong suit. Lucky for me, I've been counting up the days my husband has been overseas on my family blog. We are over 180 right now.

Not so lucky, I started a new blog.

I was going to title this: Being lazy with your HNBL. But, I don't want to give off the impression that I'm that lazy.

I mean, I have four kids, how lazy can I really be? Don't answer that.

Anywho, how many of you use some form of Heat N Bond or Wonder Under on your appliques (use the thinnest available)?

It's a good tip of the trade for helping the applique stay flat and crisp looking. But, it does add some time to completing an item.

When I was a newbie, I'd look at the size of fabric I'd need and cut the HNBL accordingly. After attaching to the fabric, I'd cut it out.

Now, insert my laziness tip:

Anytime I use a new piece of fabric, I slap a giant piece of HNBL on the backside so I am ready to go in the future too.

Time saved. Maybe not economical if you don't applique very often or if you are a fabric junkie (come on, fess up). But, if you have a few go to fabrics, it saves a few steps!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Tip: Being Lazy With Your Fabric

Do you have an applique with a fabric layer that has several placement stitches close together?

This santa I'm testing has a white beard and white on his hat.

 And since I like to save time, I plopped a larger piece of white over both sections. 

After you run your tackdown stitch, just trim as usual. It's a lot easier than cutting down the fabric to each small size. And it works REALLY well if you are doing applique letters!

I bet you are asking what I'm working on here......

Hmmm, he'll be available soon! This santa has some really clean lines and is not too cutesy so it's PERFECT for the boys!

And if we get to 1,000 FB followers before Monday, he'll be only $1!!

Let's spread the word!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Setting a Goal

It's always good to have a goal....right?

I'm setting one. Right now.

Follow the Facebook link in the tab and become a fan. If we reach 1,000 fans in one week (next Monday), I'll post a whole sibling set of appliques for FREE download!

That's right!

This whole set (Big Sister, Little Sister, Big Brother, Little Brother - should we add middle in their too?) will all be posted!

Let's spread the word....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My favorite shirt of the summer.

My little boy turned 4 this summer.

And of course he wanted race cars on his cake. That's what he wanted last year too.

But, when we went to pick out his cake, only dinosaurs where available.

No problem!

I made a cute stegosaurus.

And added a volcano.

To make the cutest shirt in the world.

Which looks even better stitched out and on the birthday boy.

Welcome to Original Stitches! We hope you enjoy this blog as we add tips and showcase new designs. Everything machine applique and embroidery will be covered!