Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Wall Art With Lettering

We move a lot. Do you know what is expensive? Moving. Moving a lot.

Our current house has a golden bathroom. I do not know the name of this color, but after painting a lot of the house, I did not want to paint another bathroom.

So, to add a little something to the room, I wanted to do a multiple canvas painting with a verse.

First of all, you'll need to realize that everyone has a different style and whatever you do, your paintings will look differently than anything I make. You cannot be a perfectionist while you make your own wall art!

Go ahead and sketch, lightly, with pencil your design. Figure out what font you want and print out your lettering. Make sure it fits!

Start mixing your base color. I wanted a nice turquoise :)

I started with the edges, mainly so I didn't forget later!

Then move on to the canvases. 

I like to add a few splashes of color to my base coat!

After all of your canvases have the base coat on them, sketch you design again. I referred back to my photograph to get things "generally" in the same spot.

Lightly sketch. Don't worry, it'll erase. 

 Now start painting!

 Adding layer by layer. Make sure each layer dries before adding the next. You don't want to smear!

Now, lay out your wording. 

The Lord is my strength & my song. Exodus 15:2

Take your paper and rub chalk on the back of the letters.

Line your paper back up and lightly press the letters with a blunt instrument. LIGHTLY! You don't want to leave markings on the canvas.

 Once you have all of your letters chalked on your canvas, you can paint them on.

Work slowly and take your time on the lettering. Don't worry, you are almost done! 

 When everything is dry, hang it up!

I'm not sure if I'm going to add a few music notes or not. I'm still thinking on it......what do you think?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Reinforce Those Holes on Your Distressed Jeans

I must say, I LOVE holey jeans. 


I'm more of a practical girl, so usually I wait for my jeans to naturally become distressed. This takes a few years of wonderfully breaking them in during normal wear. Once my jeans hit the holey phase, I wear them even more. Unfortunately, from years of wear my jeans also develop holes in other more "ris-kay" places. 

My poor holey jeans don't last long before heading to the recycling pile. 

So, imagine my delight with the whole "distressed" trend!! 
(BTW, anyone else have female relatives who would balk at spending money on jeans WITH holes in them?)

Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE my distressed jeans! 

But I want them to last.

Here is how I reinforce the holes (or cover them if you are modest) so my jeans will last a while.

1). Gather your supplies. All you need is a double sided fusible web (Steam-A-Seam, Heat N Bond, and Wonder Under are popular brands you can find at a large superstore or fabric store), scissors, iron, fabric, and you distressed jeans. I also use parchment paper to back everything so my iron, ironing board, and the other side of my jeans don't get dirty.
Just a PSA, you never know.........

2) Your fusible webbing will come sandwiched between two pieces of parchment paper (if you purchased a small amount) or rolled. Cut out the amount you need. Take off one side of parchment if yours is sandwiched. 

3) Grab your fabric and put it RIGHT SIDE DOWN on the fusible web. This is the side that you want to show through your hole.

4) Cover with parchment and iron.

 5) Remove the parchment from the RIGHT SIDE of your fabric.

6) Find your distressed pants, turn them inside out, and slide a piece of parchment paper inside the leg so nothing irons through to the other side. Since my jeans are stretchy, I had to pin them open. An extra pair of hands will also work. 

 7) Trim your patch and put it RIGHT SIDE DOWN on your inside out pant leg. Iron.

8) Remove the remaining parchment and you are finished! 

9) Repeat as needed. I used a darker jean color for the holes on my knees and I used a white knit for the distressing on my thighs (just to be modest). 

To care for your patched pants, wash inside out on a cold setting. Hang to dry or dry on low heat if you are a daredevil. Remember, you ironed on those patches so a high heat will weaken the bond and negate your hard work. 

All finished! Look at those patched distressed jeans. Beautiful!