Friday, February 22, 2013

Using your wishlist.

Our website has a wonderful feature that remembers what you have added to your cart just in case your computer unexpectedly turns off (i.e. the kids get too close).

However, have you ever seen a coupon code that you are in a hurry to use and all of the sudden, you find your cart full of items that need to be removed?

An easy way to keep track of what you want without keeping your cart full is to create a wishlist.

 At the bottom of every listing, you have the option to "Add to Wishlist."

By selecting this button, you will add the item to your wishlist without leaving the page you are on. 
Dangerous, I know! It adds up quickly!

To find your wishlist again, you'll need to go to your account.

 Under "E-Mail Notifications" you will see the link for your wishlist.

Here you are and you can fully see what you've added to your wishlist while perusing our site. 

 To add items to your cart, select the boxes next to the items you wish to purchase at that time and then "Add to Cart."

Another great feature is that you are able to mail your wishlist to friends and family. You can share projects you are working on, suggest designs for special occassions, or just let someone know what you have your eye on.

I know, I know. I would like the wishlist to be "one-click" accessable by being in a box on your page. I would LOVE that option! However, we just did taxes (er, well my husband just did our taxes) and that won't be happening soon. I you stick around, it WILL get done. It's on my wishlist!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hair Ribbon Boutique: February 2013 Business Spotlight


This week's guest is Laura of Hair Ribbon Boutique and
Please read on as Laura tells us a little bit about herself, her business, and her inspiration.

Hi! My name is Laura Ching from Hair Ribbon Boutique. I sell finished shirts, embroidered felt hair clips and elastic headbands. 

I live in Beaverton Oregon with my husband, two girls and our golden Retriever, Bella. I also work at the family business of selling stuffed animals! How fun is that! We have over 1200 different types of stuffed animals in stock.
I have been sewing since I was was three, when I hand sewed a blanket for my doll's bed. Starting at about age 7 I was taking classes and sewing my own clothes. I learned to sew on an old Singer Featherweight machine. I took a side trip in to paper crafting for a while and then discovered machine embroidery about 6 years ago. WOW! I started out with a little 4x4 Brother and have worked my way up! Currently I stitch with a 4000D and a PR1000e.


I love stitching out little girly designs! Baby onesies are my favorite to stitch out. My best selling item this time of year is bunny themed anything!

My favorite embroidery tip is buy the prewound bobbins! Such a time saver! LOL I know it is a productive day if I go through 2 bobbins.
Don't be afraid to use your machine. I HATED my machine the first year I had it I did awful things to it and it never broke despite all the mistakes I made! I wish I hadn't waited that year!
Thank you Erin for letting me be your feature Spotlight this month 

I have two coupons for you all, "Original" with out the quotes is the code for 10% off your purchase at and my etsy shop

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Monthly Milestones

When I was a new mama, I took pictures of my children. We had already had out digital camera for a few years so I have a hard drive (and web storage) full of pictures of them. But, back then, back before etsy and pinterest, it never occurred to me to put them into monthly attire. 

My sister-in-law had a baby a bit ago (two years is just a bit right?). That was during my husband's long out-of-the-country business trip so I couldn't go above and beyond designing any fun monthly milestone appliques. They were the simple number applique from 1-12. She had a beautiful quilt made out of them along with my nephew's first year birthday shirt. Gorgeous keepsake!

My sister also recently had a little one. Recent if you count it as being last June! This time I did have some time to create some fun designs. I gave her six different options. I finally have them all completed and listed!

I had some really good testers who were quick and gave some great feedback and great pictures. 

The delay? Me. And moving. And me. And the holidays. But mostly me. 

Let's take a look!

First I wanted to do something that could be made into a patch but had the POW and WHAM of a boy. What better than to make an action bubble?

Action Bubble Set

Now, my sister was having a boy so I wanted to do another easy patch-type of design.

The Route Patch Month Set

Tested by Joan

Tested by PF Lazos

Patricia lives out of the US and did these all as patches! Here are some of here comments: 
"I did them all as patches just using cut away well what I think you ladies call cut away since here they just call every single stabilizer pellon but this one you can`t tear away so I guess it`s cut away and then just cut around the stitches and went over them with my woodburner melting the excess stabilize ron the I am thinking of adding some heat and bond ultra to the back so my friend who I will be giving these as gifts can iron them on onesies or shirts."

My sister may be having a boy, but I wanted to toss in something girly too. This file also comes with a few mini daisy add-ons if you want to spice it up a little!

Daisy Month Set

Tested by Meri

I wanted to do a few neutral designs and that is what the remaining designs are. This one is a quick and easy design with two layers of fabric. You can leave in the decorative stitching (LOVE for the boys) or let the fabric speak for itself!

Square Month Set

Tested by Allison

Not too much to explain about this one. It requires an extra step for the layer of the fabric for the box but you can make them into patches.

Square Patch Month Set

Tested by Jodie
 Love the idea of putting them on bibs!

 Tested by Amanda
 Amanda's tips on making patches:
"How did I make patches? Hooped Cut -away stabilizer. Heat n Bond Lite on all my fabrics. Sticky spray adhesive, too. Once stitching was complete I cut around square as close to the outside stitch as possible withouth cutting the stitches. In order for mom to use on baby I will iron Heat n Bond Perm (red) to the back so she can adhere to onesie/shirt of her choice."

Let's remember that I made these almost a year ago. Chevron was in, but I had no idea it would be so huge. I usually try to stay away from trends but what can I say? If you like chevron but your child wants to choose their own fabric, then this neutral design is for you!

Chevron Month Set

Tested by Sue Ellen Wagner

Tested by Joan

And that's all!

I'm sorry it took so long to get them all listed for you.

Now it's off to finish the number sets ;)

Friday, February 8, 2013

CAW February 2013 Winner!

Announcing our winner from our February Customer Appreciation Week

Here are the official results:

There were 138 lines on the entry form. Line one was omitted since it was just the heading. With the range from 2-138, selected #67. 
Congrats Johnnie!
Please check your email as I'll need to know where to send this wonderful bundle of fabric!

Here is a preview of next month's giveaway for our March Customer Appreciation Week!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 2013 facebook fan FREE design now listed!

Head on over to our facebook page to receive this FREE design!

 I love argyle and hearts (this is the third variation of this combo)!! I think it would look great in browns and blues for boys :) 

Argyle Heart Pattern
Unfortunately, this design is free to facebook fans only. Available for purchase at our website HERE.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Customer Appreciation Week - February 2013

Thank you for following Original Stitches!

I have loved to draw since I was a little girl and was the one to always show up at Grandma's house with a handful of pictures. I appreciate this opportunity to create files for you to use with your little ones or your home business. Being able to stay at home with my children is a blessing and I would like to give you a little something in return! 

Welcome to our second CAW! The first week of each month will feature a new free design (Heart Applique) and a new free verse (Jeremiah 29:11). Please head on over to the website to download the Heart Applique! Don't forget to like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all of our new releases and freebies!

Each customer appreciation week will also feature a giveaway sponsor by yours truly, Original Stitches. 

Right now, I have this lovely fabric bundle sitting here just waiting to be mailed out!

Please see