Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crash go the Ornaments

About a month ago, I had this brilliant idea to start and end all Christmas designs before November.

Wouldn't that have been nice?

I was merrily making my way through testing the designs when *crash* my usb stops working.

UH OH! I didn't have any of my new designs backed up yet.

Nope, not ONE!

I had just finished stitching my snowman out, I pulled the usb out of my machine, I plugged it into my laptop and nothing. 

Of course, it was over the weekend so I researched several usb retrieval sites and left messages with all of them. The first one that responded to me, well, I dragged all four of my kids out of the house and had it in the mail in 30 minutes. 

That's almost two years worth of work! (Ok, ok, I had backed it up in April before we moved, so it was really only the last six months that would have been lost.)

Almost four weeks later, I'm glad to say that all ornaments are finally up and listed on our website. All of the data was retrieved off the usb and I paid a ridiculous amount of $$$ to get it back (seriously, if I had just prepaid for an online back-up service for the next 15 years, it might have been the same amount). Guess who has an online back-up service now?

Well, at least they are all up before Thanksgiving. That's something ... right?