Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowflake Ornament Instructions

 If you haven't already. Head on over to our website to download the free snowflake ornament design.

Here is a little in the hoop design for you to play with. The 4x4 file stitches one snowflake ornament. If you'd like to do more than one at a time, the 5x7 file stitches two snowflake ornaments.

 Hoop your water soluble stabilizer, tear away stabilizer, or matching color stabilizer.

 The first stitch pack is your placement line. I forgot I was taking pictures for instructions and used white. Trust me, the placement line is there.

If you want to use ribbon, position your ribbon over the line using clear tape or adhesive spray.

Don't stitch yet!
Place your felt (I wanted to go frayed so I used flannel) over the ribbon and placement line.

Run your tackdown stitch.
And run your decorative stitching. There are stops to change colors. I just really wanted all gray right now. 

When your decorative stitching is finished. Turn your hoop OVER. Place your covering fabric on the BACK side of the hoop using adhesive spray to hold in place.

Like so.

Stitch your final tackdown.
Remove from your hoop and cut out your ornament. 
If you used ribbon, remember to carefully trim!

And you are finished. 

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