Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Special requests: Sailboat Appliques and Burp Clothes

 Who do you do special requests for? I usually do mine for family. 

Most of the time they request items that I can digitize, but not sell.

Imagine my surprise when my SIL emailed requesting a few nautical items! Yeah! 
She is going to a baby shower and the new Mama is decorating the room with sailboats. 

The special request: make a onesie with "Just Sailed In" and a sailboat with sailboat fabric.


Uh Oh.....my sailboat fabric (and yes, I had some on hand in my garage sale pile) had too large of a print to use for the sails.

Being one to always try to please, I decided to make a burp cloth and use the sailboat fabric to line the back.

So, I whipped up a sailboat patch to put on the front of the burp cloth.

Since I was just using a diaper prefold, I put some zorb in the middle of the burp cloth. 

Hey, you never know when you'll have a heavy spitter. One of those who spits up continuously from one feeding to the next. One of those who can completely wet your shirt and pants with a tiny little burp. Yes. I had one of those ;)

So, zorb it is.

I quickly folded the sides of the burp cloth in. I like the skinnier burp clothes that don't fall off my shoulder all of the time. 

And lastly, I added that sailboat fabric to the back. 

I can't believe that 4x4 design looks so big on that newborn onesie! Where mine ever that small?

If you are looking closely, the sailboats don't match. I like to think up my own designs. 
 That way I get to call them original :)

This made such a cute set!

I couldn't help myself, I made one more version with the boat on water.

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