Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Account - My Orders

You've found a design you like.

You've ordered your design.

But now, you can't remember where to download your order?

Here's a little help.

Sign in if you haven't already.

When signed into your account, you can get to your recent orders through the link at the top of the page or from the Order History module on the right of the page.

Or, you can get to your recent orders through your  "My Account" tab.

This takes you to the "My Order History" page. 

Once there, select the order you would like to "View".

This brings you to all of the order information of that specific order. 

At the very TOP, you'll see the header "Download Links."

Under that will be each of the files you ordered. 

To download, select the NAME OF THE FILE.

And this opens your download link!

Save your file and you are good to go!

If you need help with your .zip, please follow the instructions in this post:

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