Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stitch Fix Reviews - 2015

It's another year and I am still a Stitch Fix subscriber. I have enjoyed having items sent to my house for me to try on at my leisure (3 days) and then picking out what works for me. It is great for this busy mom of four. I do not have time to go shopping for a black pair of pants here or a new scarf there. And I definitely don't have time to take back what I end up not liking once I get home! This service is convenient, fun, and easy. 

Stitch Fix is a wonderful service that mails you five hand-selected items by your own personal stylist based on your profile, feedback, and Pinterest boards. Interested? See my full description here or select the STYLE tab above (includes disclaimers and links to negative reviews - laying it all out there). You pay a $20 styling fee which is credited to your order if you keep any items. If you keep all five items you get a 25% discount!
When your package ships, you'll get an email notification. That way, you can methodically track your package until the second it reaches your doorstep. When it does arrive, open up your box and take a peak at your stash! 
Your box also comes with a style card to give you ideas on what to wear with your items.
  You'll receive a nice welcoming card to help explain the process for your first fix.
 Also, each fix will come with your style cards which help give some ideas on how to style your items, a personal note from your stylist, and your invoice.

If you are interested in trying out this service yourself, here is a link to get you started. I am in no way compensated by Stitch Fix. I do get a small credit if you decide to schedule your first fix. Do not worry, each customer gets a referral link to earn credit. Please consider using my link to help me continue to bring you reviews! This is NOT an affiliate link! I post these reviews because I truly love this service. When I no longer have a need, I will stop requesting boxes :)

Well, I think that is enough of the introduction, let me show you my fixes!
(Scroll down for more.) 

 Stitch Fix #16 - September 2015:

 Another fix in September? You bet! I kept a pair of pants from my last fix. I now have a dark pair of skinny jeans, dark straight leg, and dark wide/flares. I LOVE my Dear John Marson Wide Leg pants since they are high rise. Fit PERFECTLY and I don't have to yank them up at all during the day. If only I could wear them every day......sigh.

Ashlee, my stylist for quite a few months now, did an excellent job picking items for me! I was very pleased with all of her picks!

 Market & Spruce - Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater - KEEP
I was soooooo, excited to see this sweater in my fix. I love the black and gray combo and it can pair with my burgundy cords (pictured) or with my jeans (also pictured but down in post). Although size wise the sweater fit, the arms were a little short on me so I am sizing up. Yes, sometimes items run big or small and if customer service has the size you are looking for, they will try to accommodate (final sales though!)!

Echo - Hannah Ombre Striped Infinity Scarf - KEEP
LOVE this scarf! I would never have picked this up in a store but I'm so glad Ashlee included it in my fix. It's a great color and the loose knitting has fabulous texture. 

Ashlee mentioned in my note to pair it with the Fierro Sweater......perfect........

..........and with my Dear Johns from my last fix......again it's PERFECT! (Ahhhhh, you can see the short sleeves on this sweater!)

Market & Spruce - Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee - Return
Loved this casual shirt, it just has a high price tag. Oddly enough, I was out returning an online order to Target the same day I received my box. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should check out their tees? Why yes I did! I found a similar gray tee made of the same material for 1/5th of the price.  Hi-Lo pictured.
 Usually I don't comparison shop. I don't have the time. Finding a similar tee was difficult enough this time since I also had my four kids with me. I spent 20 minutes looking for a tee and trying it on while separating kids, getting my children not to play with the racks, telling some to stop looking at others while telling others to stop whining that someone was looking at them, getting my kids to not push the cart into their siblings, telling them to..........well, you get the picture. There is a reason I don't go out and shop for myself. Four reasons. Ashlee, please style me forever. I'm so sorry I tortured myself with a trip to Target to save a few bucks. 

Pixley - Dali Open Drape Cardigan - Return
I previously kept an open drape cardigan last winter (Jocelyn Geo?). I liked it at the time but when I went to pick out my clothes for the day, I didn't reach for it. After wearing it a few times, the open drape was just too bulky and never stayed where I put it. I like to look a little polished ;)

This drape was not a bulky so I think it would have worked a lot better, but I also wasn't a fan of the pattern. It's bright and a lot for me. 

Moda Luxe - Broadway Convertible Satchel - Return
I actually loved the navy color on this bag. The structure of the bag just doesn't work for me. I've tried it! I have a black bag similar to this sitting in my closet.....unused. I reach for the bags that have a large strap to put over my shoulder or a cross-body bag. If you look closely, there is a strap for cross-body, I just didn't like the clutter the handles added. 

 Totally loved all of the coordinating going on in this fix. Ashlee referred back to previous fixes to coordinate items and did some coordinating within this fix. Perfect! I'm about finished adding to my winter wardrobe so I'm not sure how many updates there will be this winter! If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, I would love for you to use my referral link! It gives me a little credit and once you sign up, you are able to give your friends your link to earn some credit towards your fixes. There is nothing like getting a box full of clothes in the mail. You may not like anything in your box, but nothing beats that excitement opening your box, reading your stylist's note, and trying on some clothes picked just for you. 

Stitch Fix #15 - September 2015:

Yeah, my camera broke. No pictures!

Stitch Fix #14 - August 2015:

Take a peek at my fix:
Look at all of those beautiful blues and stripes. 

Laila Jade - Malaga Drape Cardigan - KEEP
The first thing I pulled out of my box was this cardigan. I love it! I also love that I could pop it right over another fun Stitch Fix top that I was already wearing!
 I'm sure I can find some other gray tops to wear this over too :)

Market & Spruce - Corinna Striped Dolman Top - KEEP
Mavi - Baila Boyfriend Jeans - RETURN 
I'm not a fan of the dolman style top......BUT I've heard how comfy and flattering this top fits. Rumors are correct, it is comfy. Very comfy. It is also flattering for running errands and managing four kids. Love it!
The jeans are adorable and very comfortable. I'm not sure if it is the boyfriend style or what, but these were falling down by the third top I was trying on. :( It's okay though, I can still wear my distressed boyfriend jeans until I can find some longer pants!

THML - Christen Embroidered Tie Neck Top - RETURN
Mavi - Baila Boyfriend Jeans - RETURN 
This top was fantastic on the card, just not on me. I don't know what but it flared out. A lot. I don't mind the occasional flowy top, but I'd prefer it not to be a tent. Again, the jeans were cute, just didn't fit very well. Now, I just need some jeans with a bit of flare! 

Loveappella -  Sevilla Funnel Neck French Terry Sweatshirt - KEEP
Love this top. Yes, it's a glorified sweatshirt. But...... It has stripes. It has a funnel neck. It even has a cute little tie neck. Seriously, the comfort of a sweatshirt but some style? L O V E! The three-quarter sleeves are also right up my alley. I keep my home chilly during the winter, but once this muma gets cooking for her family, she gets toasty. I will have no problem cooking in this top!

That's all for my fix! I loved that I was able to keep some tops that will go perfectly with my wardrobe. Now, I'm just looking for some pants and outer layers to cross off my basics list. 

If you are interested in sprucing up your wardrobe and find shopping excruciatingly painful, Stitch Fix may be for you. "MAY" be for you if you don't mind someone else (i.e. a stylist) picking out clothes for you, not just to try on, but to buy. If you like surprises, mail, and can keep an open mind while updating your wardrobe, Stitch Fix may be for you. If you get a chance, sign up using my link. It gives me a little credit and once you have a blast with your boxes, you can refer your friends to get credit too!

Stitch Fix #13 - July 2015: 

Here is my style card:

Daniel Rainn - Pelzer Tie Neck Top - Kept for discount
*traded this top for the Samsen Embroidery Top with another Fixer
 This top was perfect in every way except for the sleeves. I am not a fan of capped sleeves and even with the tassels and embroidery, I couldn't get past the capped sleeves. Sorry!
 It was perfect for layering under my new cardigan! (see next pic)

Mo:Vint - Chania Cardigan - Kept
 This cardigan will be perfect for layering in the fall.
 It has roll tab sleeves AND it already goes with a lot in my wardrobe!

THML - Thelma Embroidered Top - Kept for discount only (passed on to another fixer)
 I was really drawn to this top. It had a cute hi-lo cut and the pattern was really cute too.
 However, it was really stiff on my shoulders and puckered. I'm not sure if it would have loosened up over time or if it would have continued to pucker.

I thought about wearing a cami under, but the back was too gorgeous to cover. Look at that detail on the back. 
 LOVED this one, I just wish the fit was better.

Pixley - Vyner Fringe Top - Kept only for discount (passed on to another Fixer)
Love, love, love, and LOVE this top! I love the crochet detailing on the whole top. It is sooooooooo pretty in person!
 The only problem was the cami under wasn't long enough for my torso :(
 This would still be in my closet if it weren't for a teeny tiny fit issue.

Skies Are Blue - Colina Mixed Material Top - Kept
This is not the most flattering top in the world, but I like it! I like the striped and the embroidery detail.
 Plus it pairs so well with everything!

This was one of my favorite fixes so far. I loved getting all top and I liked each of them! I maaaaybe would have kept them all if they fit me perfectly. But, they didn't so I passed a couple on to other Fixers in need. Since they were each my style, I had no problem keeping my whole box (which shows up in my algorithm calculations) for the discount, yet not keeping all of the pieces in my closet. 

If you scroll through my fixes, you'll see overall I haven't kept very much. Some items I've kept in the past, I've have recently sold since I haven't worn them. I am slowly finding MY style and using it to create a capsule wardrobe. Plus, I'm having fun while doing it! Thank you Stitch Fix!

 Stitch Fix #12 - June 2015:

Here is my style card:

Level 99 - Dilan Distressed Boyfriend Jean - Keep
These are so comfy and very cute!
 Thin cuffs OR a big cuff!

I kept a Level 99 pair of jeans a couple of fixes ago. Once I took the tags off and wore them, they loosened up too much to actually wear. I even tried the dryer! No luck. I like these so much, I'm hoping I get a size down.
*I emailed customer service hoping to size down (explaining my problem with the previous pair) and they exchanged BOTH pairs! LOVE this company!

Skies are Blue - Jardine Tie Neck Top - Keep
I'm a little sad that this looks so similar to a top I kept last time, but what can I say, I still love it.
I still love the China cup details.
The top is nice and long with a tie neck. Love this! I was also trying some white skinnies but these didn't work for me.....I'm still on the lookout!

Sweet Grey - Abbots Knit Top - Return
This is an extremely cute top, I'm just not sure if it is the top for me.
 It has the cutest block details. Stripe at the bottom. Stripe on the back.
But, I felt like I was swimming in it.

It is so comfortable though! Maybe a great alternative to sweats day?

Market & Spruce - Jillian Crochet Detail Tank - Return
Again, another cozy and comfy top.
 But with lovely lace detail on the back.

Market & Spruce - Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse - Return
This beautiful top has color and colorblocking. But, it's a blouse. Is it too dressy? Or just nice enough to pass for everyday (mom of 4) wear?

 But seriously, it can go with whatever bottoms are clean. Nicely played.

I haven't made up my mind on this fix. I asked for 1 bottom and 4 shirts. I received exactly what I asked for :) I just don't know my style yet! Am I a casual girl who likes to swim in big tops? Do I like casual chic and the dressiness that goes with it? I don't know. This fix tugs on both of those styles. Which am I? I think I am more drawn to a preppy boho. I love embroidery and crochet details!

Stitch Fix #11 - May 2015:

Here is my style card:

 I decided to size down from a medium to a small. This was kind of a trial fix to see if the smalls fit. Let's see!

Skies are Blue - Harring Keyhole Detail Top - Size S - Return

 I really liked the color and pattern of this top. That alone almost made me keep it!

 However, I couldn't get past how boxy the top was. I hung completely straight and I'm trying to move away from boxy tops.

Henry and Belle - Kent Cuffed Capri Jeans - Size 6 - KEEP
These jeans break the bank. I never in my life thought I would buy jeans with this price tag but they fit like a glove. My husband loves them. But still, the price. I wore them for a few minutes and then took them off. The next day, I tried them on again and they were 10x lighter and 20x more flexible than the pants I had been wearing. I'm sold. Everyone says quality is worth the money in jeans, I will be testing out that theory!
 I also love how the thicker cuffs balance out my more "athletic" calves. 

Fun 2 Fun - Clemon Roll Tab Top - Size S - KEEP
This was my least favorite item on first glance. I have tea cups on display in my dining room that match this shirt.
 Even when I first put this on, eh. There isn't much to it and it is fairly busy. 

However, the next day I needed to slightly dress up for my neice's dance recital but I didn't want to wear a dress because it was a two hour drive each way. So, I reached for this top. 
 With a sloppy tuck, skinny pants, and a statement piece, it worked perfectly! It is also a nice lightweight top to wear in the summer and still look nice. 
 Thank you so much! I never would have tried this on my own.

 Market & Spruce - Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank - Size S - RETURN
 This was the only small item that did not fit. The sides cut up and the top was not long enough for my torso. I also have plenty of navy items in my closet so I was okay passing this one up.

Market & Spruce - Analisse Chambray Jacket - Size S - RETURN
No, Nope, Not even close. I've had my eye on a jean jacket or a chambray top. This kind of combined the two but it a shapeless and dowdy manner. Plus, not being a raincoat, I can't use it much where I live!

 Overall this fix was okay. I wasn't really excited about any of the tops and the jacket is hideous. I did end up keeping and already wearing the Clemon top so it worked out perfectly. I will probably not keep another blouse for a bit as I really need more casual summer tops. The testing of the smaller sizes worked out really well. The smalls fit so I will stick with that until we get to winter sweater season!

Stitch Fix #10 - May 2015:

Here is my style card:

Mystree - Monica Dress - Size M - KEEP
*Haven't reached for it, passed on to another (June 2015)
I LOVE this dress. It fits perfectly and gives me curves. I only need to figure out what shoes to wear with it!

 I LOVE those fabric layers!

41 Hawthorne - Renesme Geo Print Faux Wrap Dress - Size M - KEEP
*Haven't reached for it, passed on to another (June 2015)
While this dress did not have the "wow" factor as the Monica dress, I did like its simplicity and the fact that it can be worn most seasons.

The next few all belong to the following:
Ark N Co - Quane Embroidered Split Back Top - Size M - Kept but sold
Gentle Fawn - Daytona Open Front Cardigan - Size M - Kept but sold
Mavi - Ruxin Distressed Paint Splattered Boyfriend Jean - Size 8 - Kept but sold
Now, you may be wondering what "kept but sold" means. Do you remember that you get a 25% discount if you keep all five items? Well, I loved these three items so I did not care if that showed in my profile (and I get similar items like these in the future). I couldn't keep everything because it was too expensive so I kept these items only to sell them for the 25% discount (yes, I passed along the discount too). Bonus!!

**I LOVE this Ark N Co top. I wished I would have kept it, just asked for a smaller size. I still haven't found one similar :(

I love this embroidered split back top. It fits well but is a little on the too big side. I will be sizing down for my next fix.

The jeans were a little too distressed for me. Since I am home all day with four kids, there is no way these would survive 5 minutes into reading time. 

This cardigan is perfect. And, as you can see below, I already have my own version. By keeping and reselling this, I will hopefully not get something similar in the future! It kind of lets them know what I like and what I have (a gray cardigan). 

 Verdict on fix #9.....LOVE! Seriously. I. Loved. The. Whole. Box. If it had been affordable and everything would have been sized correctly (and the jeans less holey), I would have kept everything. Even with the discount, this box was almost $300. I had to sell the items I didn't need. The dresses I do need as my husband and I have our 15th anniversary coming up!

Stitch Fix #9 - April 2015:

Here is my style card and stylist note:

I was concerned when I saw Terri wasn't going to style me again (I had requested her) but Ashlee did a fantastic job and I had no need to worry. 

Level 99 - Gisele Bootcut Jean - KEEP!
*Started to stretch too much, exchanged for a smaller size. Mid-rise Level 99s are not for me.
As noticed from past reviews, I have been methodically crossing off different jeans from my list. I am a picky jean girl. Well, Ashlee sent this pair and they fit perfectly!

Now that we have found a perfect pair of bootcut, maybe it is time for some boyfriend or straight leg jeans!

Daniel Rainn - Slater Pleated Button Down Top - KEEP
**Update on Slater Top (May 2015). After I wore it, I noticed an imperfection in the sewing on the back. The gather stitching was half showing on the left side and half hidden by the top panel of fabric. I'm assuming it was all supposed to be hidden. I only noticed because the stitching holes were visible when I held it up to the light when removing it. I contacted customer service and then took it back and gave me a refund. :( 

This top is very simple but I love the fit and the color!

 It is so casual that it will go perfectly with my new pants!

 The pleats it the top are very simple and add some lovely texture.

I love that it is not over the top flowy!

Moda Luxe - Daytona Zip Pocket Hobo Bag - Returned
This bag is the perfect size and I love the vibrant blue color! 

 I just have nothing in my wardrobe to match :(
(Yes, that is my very thin looking wardrobe. If I took out the sweatshirts, there would hardly be anything left!)

 Such the perfect size!

 It has a zippered pocket and two open pockets on the inside. It has a zipped pocket on the back and two zip open (snap closed) pockets on the outside.

If this were brown, I would KEEP IT!

Pink Martini - Wilson Printed Dress - Returned
Let me set the record straight....I LOVE THIS DRESS!

 My husband gave it a 7 out of 10.

 This dress has pockets! LOVE! Also, when you sit down the dress stays an appropriate length. You ladies know what I'm talking about. Don't forget to do the "Sit Test" with your dresses!

 It even gives me a little bit of a waist. So cool. 

However, I just don't fill out the top :( I so want to cry about this. I don't know if a small would work as it might be too short and a boob job would be too expensive. Sob. I have to return this......

Loveappella - Jesse Maxi Dress - Returned
There is not much to say about this dress. I liked the concept but it was poorly executed with the mismatching lines of fabric and the oddly shaped bust. Despite the fact that this dress gave me a bust, my husband could not even muster a "keep."
 The dress is a bit shapeless. Or maybe I am. I really need some hips (or waist, I guess I would rather size down my waist than size up my hips) to make this dress interesting.

 It fits alright though.

 Unfortunately, the side seems and the back seem don't match up at all! For $80, those seems should line up.

It was cute dressed up with a cardigan. However, I'm not going to keep a dress to wear with my cardigan. The dress should be able to carry its own weight!

Verdict on fix #9.....LOVE! I loved everything in my box and that I tried on. I am so happy to find a pair of jeans I like and an extra top (such a vibrant color!). Thanks to this service, I did not have to spend hours in a department store looking for jeans! After a few fixes, I found a pair I loved. It was perfect. I also loved that I was sent a few dresses and even though I did not keep any, I am perfectly okay with that. I will try again next time! Thank you Ashlee!

Stitch Fix #8 - March 2015:

Here is my style card and stylist note for my second fix in March:

 I loved Teri's note. Her comments really showed that she took the time to go through past feedback and my pinterest board to try to give me a great fix....and this one was!

Papermoon - Lexis Knit Top - Returned
Can I just say that I LOVED this top! It is colorful and it has a fun print. I also love the style of the top.

However, it was just too big :(

But look at this print!

It fit pretty well considering how big it was!

But, it was too big. :(

My stylist said to pair it with the Dear John Wide Leg Jeans in my fix, sigh. It was so cute!

 Dear John - Marson Wide Leg Jean - Returned
I was so excited to see these jeans and they were the perfect length! PERFECT!

They are super, super stretchy and there was already a bit of extra sag in the front though :( Plus, the pockets puffed out. It was a little weird. I'm so sad I had to send these back.
On to the next pair of jeans! I'll try them all!

Liverpool - Raina Dark Denim Jacket - Returned
 The theme of this box was ..... BIG!

My stylist said to pair the top with the jeans and to add the jacket for chilly days. I LOVE IT!

I loved the darker color of this jacket and how it was different than the other denim jackets out there. But, it was just too big and bulky.

I really wanted to keep it to wear with my striped top from an earlier fix. It was just too big and long in the sleeves.

I recently purchased this Market and Spruce top from another Stitch Fixer. I paired it with the jeans (and skirt) and LOVE the way these top fit (fitted!).

Street Level - Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag - Returned
 This was such a cute bag. Seriously cute!

With shoulder strap and all, it is the perfect size and so adorable!

It has a lot of pockets and areas to store items. Loved that about it too! However, it was this weird orange and brown color. Not coral, which would be cute. Not brown, which would also be cute. The combination of the two, I was not a fan of at all. Soooo close!

 Papermoon - Remmie Ikat Print Maxi Skirt - Keep
This skirt is something I would have NEVER had picked up off the rack at a store. I tried it on and I LOVE it!

It is the perfect length! is lined! How perfect is that?
Summer, here we come! Now, it just needs to warm up to something out of the 30s!

This fix was FANTASTIC! There were times I was thinking about keeping it ALL! Yes, I would have had big and bulky items, but they are such fun pieces. There was color. There was style. There was fun. Now, I do know customer service is open to exchanging for a different size, but there are no returns on exchanges. I like to have the option to return :) That is the whole beauty of this service!

 Stitch Fix #7 March 2015:

Here is my style card for March:

 My only request for this fix was a cardigan or vest to tone down the striped shirt I kept from my last fix. My stylist sent along a cardigan and pants that she thought would complete the outfit.

Here is the complete outfit....what do you think?
Yeah, it didn't work for me either. The years of training that black and blue do not go together just cannot be overridden.

Here is the rest of my fix piece by piece!

Market & Spruce Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan - Returned
My stylist gave me one piece with color, and this dark blue cardigan was it. I thought it looked great at first.
However I did not like the back darts.

And zipped it just accented my I-have-had-four-kids tummy. Not cool. This cardigan is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. I really did not like this blend at all!

Skies Are Blue - Zio Colorblock Mixed Material Tee - Returned
The tee looked great on paper, but it was also made up of 95% rayon (type material, I can't remember the name of it now but it started with an "m") and 5% spandex.

 It looked great to start!

 I liked the colorblock part but it was extremely loose.

And, like the cardigan, hugged the wrong areas. 

Renee C - Kristy Crochet Detail Blouse - Kept
Although black, this was a fun top to see in my fix.

 The top had great crochet details at the top and on the sleeves.

 It also fit very well (not hugging any areas!) all around.

This top will look great under a cardigan or vest next winter but is also great for wearing with some colored jeans. Now, I just need some colored jeans!

Olive & Oak - Kanani Chevron Pattern Sweater - Returned
Well, here is another drab sweater. Stock must be low or the spring items have not arrived because I received a drab and dreary fix!

 I did like the chevron pattern and the open knit detail of this sweater. It is very soft and would be great as a transition piece into spring. The gray.....not so much. Also, I have a pretty round face and the scoop neck didn't look very flattering either.

After a minute or two on, it started to pull up giving me some rolls in the midsection. Sorry! There is not enough "wow" with this sweater to keep :(

Liverpool - Collen Straight Leg Jean - Returned
I had requested some straight legged jeans and while these are straight legged and jeans, they are also black. I kept a black pair of slacks a couple of fixes ago and I do not need another pair. 

Plus they were a little big and bunchy.

They were the perfect length! I really wish they had been a size smaller (something I could have emailed customer service and had exchanged) and any other color but black!

Overall, I was disappointed with this fix. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the drab colors or the odd fit of the clothes. Maybe the newness of the process has worn off. Obviously there will be hits or misses. This fix was a miss. I did keep the crochet detail top but it is in the return bag right now. It seems a more buxom lady tried it on and stretched out the elastic that wraps around the buttons on the front (a nice feature for those with more up top). I can't wait to get the exchange and start wearing the top! 

If you are curious and would like to give it a try, please sign up using my referral link! Referral links are giving to all customers and when you order your first box, the person who referred you gets a small credit. This credit helps with my own fixes and helps me to keep this feedback available to you! Thank you!

Stitch Fix #6 - February 2015: 

 Here is my style card for February:

Olive and Oak - Barrow Open Cardigan - Returned
 I saw this and was so excited! I love cardigans AND I had this pinned on my pinterest board! I went it put it on first and ...... it was just okay ...... ?
Yup, just okay. A side view confirmed my feelings of it being just okay and bordering on matronly.
 Eh, I think with spring around the corner I want something that feels fresh! I returned this one (even though I pinned it!!!).

Skies Are Blue - Bension Embroidered Trip Top - Returned
Again, this is another pinterest pull my stylist made. Can I say again how much I love that she looked at my interests!!!!!! I really like this top on the style card, however once on it did that odd little flare at the bottom. I'm not a fan of the flare.
  Also, my husband thought the Aztec embroidery, "useless" pocket, and roll-tab sleeves were all a little too much for one casual shirt. 
I still like the shirt, but I also want him to like it too so I returned this one. 

DL1961 - Cierra Bootcut Jean - Returned
I specifically requested these jeans as an alternative to skinny jeans and my stylist delivered! Yay! I am wearing the jeans with the Benson Top pictured above. 

Here is a picture of the whisker detail that I LOVE!
 These fit like a glove and were so incredibly soft. They were extremely comfortable too.
However, when I asked my husband what he thought, he asked if they were too tight. Yeah, going back in the bag. 
(In his defense, I normally wearing thicker traditional jeans, not jeans of jeggings material. These may look like regular jeans, but they are much lighter and stretchier, like jeggings just with a bootcut.) 

Tart - Milla Crew Neck Knit Top - Kept
*I kept this hoping for a laying piece to arrive. One never did and I never wore this. Passed on to another fixer (July 2015) 
This top is a simple piece for layering (or wearing on its own!). I love how soft it is and it is also the perfect length! I kept this one :)
Kensie - Mally Jacket - Keep
**Update on Mally Jacket (May 2015). I wore this once in the time I had it so I decided to sell it to someone who would get more use out of it.  

What can I say about this jacket......NOTHING! I LOVE IT!!!!! Even though I have no beige on my profile (makes me look yellow), I will wear this jacket out this spring! 
And it even looks decent not buttoned! THIS is why I love Stitch Fix! You never know what you are going to get that you love!

That is all for this fix! I just want to point out that I sent back the jeans that I requested and the two items pulled from my pinterest board. I KEPT the items that were picked out based on my style!If you are interested in getting your first box, here is a link to help you get started! This referral link is available to ALL customers (once you sign up you'll get your own). If you decide to order a box, this link gives me a small credit to help with my own fixes. Thank you so much!


Stitch Fix #5 - January 2015:

Renee C Dion Pullover Sweater - Returned
 I saw the style card for this item and was immediately hypnotized by the giant chevron. Not in a good way. Keeping an open mind, TRY EVERYTHING ON!!
 This is me trying to figure out how to wear this sweater. It wouldn't sit right when I first put it on AND is looks like it has been on the hanger too long with the stretched shoulder bumps. My relationship with this sweater was doomed from the start.
 I tried using the tips from the styling card and found a pink scarf to tone down the chevron. Eh. I also didn't like how the front kept pulling up. Four kids here, that is not an area that can be flattered. AND, I just don't like the flying squirrel style of arms. I do not know what those are called, but they are not going to end up in my closet. Ever.
 Goodby sweater. I'm sure you'll make some younger, hipper gal happy.

DL1961 Chance Skinny Jean - Returned
In the close up shots of the above Dion Sweater, you can see the jeans I received. I had asked for a lighter pair of jeans and these were delivered. They had some cute whisker details, but they were skinny jeans. I do not have skinny jeans marked as one of my preferred styles but I did not specifically put NO SKINNY JEANS in my note this month so I ended up with.....skinny jeans. 

I do not have a thigh gap, hence I do not like to wear skinny jeans. 
 I work out by lifting weights, including a lot of squats. I do not wear skinny jeans.
 And this is just the most unflattering picture I could take. Nice!
 The only time I like to wear skinny jeans is to fit into my tall boots (swoon, I love my boots more than I hate skinny jeans). Otherwise, NO SKINNY JEANS!

Look by M Torrey Twist Cable Knit Infinity Scarf - Returned
 This scarf was giant. Massive. Huge. Bulky. Not comfortable. Again, I just had problems. I saw this scarf in several posted fixes online and it looked great. For some unknown reason, I could not get this scarf to fit right. I felt like I was wearing a neck brace.

 It's a cute cable knit pattern, it just felt small on me.

Eight Sixty Clairemont Back-Zip Blouse - Returned
I'm not a fan of blouses. I took a chance and did not put NO BLOUSES in my notes to the stylist. Hence, I received a blouse. Sigh. Like the others, this was boxy and big. 
 It was also really wrinkled which made it seem like a high maintenance item. I already have four high maintenance children running around my house, I do not need this out of my clothing.
 If I had kept this, I would have had to wear a cami under as it was low cut around the arms and was split at the waist (it's hard to see from the black cami I'm wearing).
I tried to see what it would look like under a gray cardigan like in the style card...........uh, no. Or maybe I just need that gray cardigan. It looks VERY versatile (hint, hint).

Fate Charlotte Cardigan - Kept
*Wore this only twice in the months I owned it. Passed on to another fixer. (July 2015)
Now, I know you were all getting worried but there was one little gem in my package.
 I'm a little worried about how long it is and the way it covers/hugs everything.....but I think it is good to try new things (that I'm comfortable with!!). I love layers, the colors, and stripes.
 This one is the winner!

I was pleased with my Stitch Fix. I would have never have picked up the Dion Sweater in the store but it was fun to try on. And send back :) I was able to try on a few new things and keep one that I am really excited about. I am completely happy just keeping a single item a month :) 

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