Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1 - October 2014 Stitch Fix Review

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and only seen faded, worn-out, decades old clothes? No? Well, disregard that opening sentence. To say I need a few newer items in my closet is an understatement. I tried to pick a few items from Zulily, but those never look as cute on me as they do on the website. Plus, you can't return anything so that didn't work. 

Sometimes I think I could actually go to the department store like normal people, however I usually have my four kids tagging along and they usually play tag running around the racks or playing hide-n-seek inside the racks. Am I the only one with kids like that? Yes? Well, that's embarrassing.

Recently I came across Stitch Fix, a wonderful service that mails you five hand-selected items by your own personal stylist based on your profile, feedback, and Pinterest boards. Interested? See my full description here or select the STYLE tab above. You pay a $20 styling fee which is credited to your order if you keep any items. If you keep all five items you get a 25% discount!

Let me show you my first fix!

You'll get an email notification when your package ships. That way, you can methodically track your package until the second it reaches your doorstep. When it does arrive, open up your box and take a peak at your stash! Your box also comes with a style card to give you ideas on what to wear with your items.

You'll receive a nice welcoming card to help explain the process for your first fix.

Hello! This is what I look like. Be nice now. I don't wear make up and dislike styling my hair. See, I told you I needed help ;)

 Now, on to the pieces! 
Amilea Abstract Tie-Dye Mixed Print Maxi Skirt by Papermoon - $58.00
I loved the skirt (the pattern and the colors are spot on) but had nothing on hand to pair it with so I did not keep it. If I do get another maxi, it needs to come with the perfect matching top. The skirt was so soft and the perfect length.

Dash Button-Front Chambray Shirt by Market and Spruce - $74.00
This Chambray Shirt didn't wow me. It was soft and comfortable but a little too plain. I don't have a scarf to spice it up and I really dislike wearing belts over shirts. Also, as a homeschool mom, I just couldn't keep it... 

Sophia Tall Length Skinny Jeans by Kensie Jeans - $88.00
These were a little big. I couldn't find a size guide for pants and misjudged my size. This first pair was a little big but I emailed customer service and found out what size I needed to have in my profile.

 Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse by 41 Hawthorn - $58.00
The style was cute and I don't mind black, but the fit was just unflattering and it flared out at the wrong spots at the hips (even with straight legged jeans). My HIIT thighs did not like that. I have seen this top in other fixes and it has looked cute on others, I'm not sure why mine didn't work on me.

Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top by 41 Hawthorn - $58.00
This is a cute light-weight polyester top. I liked how it paired with skinny jeans and boots. It's not the most flattering top but I can toss a sweater over it when I'm feeling frumpy. I decided to keep this one :)

I was 100% pleased with my first Stitch Fix. Everything in my box was something I would have selected to try from the racks at a department store. All of the colors were spot on and the style of the items were also perfect. I'm just picky :) Plus, there is no way I could afford to buy the whole box!

Ready to treat yourself to some new clothes hand-selected by your own personal stylist? You can sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link. If you use my referral link to Stitch Fix, I get a small credit to use on my future fixes. It's a nice surprise, but not the reason I am using this service to update my wardrobe. Convenience is a wonderful thing!

Friday, November 7, 2014

How goes your year?

 Well, how goes your year? I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last posted. 

Life with four kids is a little crazy. 

Maybe a lot crazy.

So crazy that I don't have time to post new design for weeks!

For example, these past few weeks we have......

 Celebrated my birthday.
With a hike. 
With all four kids.
Because that is fun to do on birthdays.
(Yes, it is fun :)  )

 Watched a lot of this.
Because both boys play on different teams.
Something about needing to be in the right age groups.
Not to mention BOTH girls now dance. 
Why is our culture so kid centered?

 Made several costumes.
Because every little girl needs Elsa hair.
And every little boy needs spikes on his sweatshirt to match his dinosaur tail.
Luckily one just wore his uniform for the next day.
And the other was all cheaply purchased off of Amazon. 
Magic wands are only $1.
Now that is magical.

 And more birthdays. 
Where does the time go that he is another year older?

At least I still get to stay up the night before designing!

And of course, all of the other usual mayhem of having four kids.
All children should have old dried apples in their bed....
What about candy wrappers?
Still no?
Well, no worries.
Our pantry is now locked.

Anyway, all of this to say WOW! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

And I will be doing more blogging.
Blogging about yummy recipes.
Blogging about fashion. Say what?!?
Blogging about appliques. 

So, how goes your year?