Friday, June 29, 2012

Going for a hot air balloon ride - applique style.

WARNING: This is one of those boring stories of the inspiration behind a design.

You've been warned :)

 Almost two years ago, we moved to a city that is known for their hot air balloon fiesta. Always taking the opportunity to see the local area, we went to the special shapes glodeo one night. 

My daughter was in love and only talked about going on a hot air balloon ride for a long time after that!

Luckily, Groupon provided the opportunity for us to afford a ride. She received the gift as her birthday present in April.

I know, that's a long time to be sitting on a design, but the weather has been a tad bit windy here lately.

My husband getting his "guy" on by helping with the flames.

 The other day we were finally cleared to go up!

And so we had to wake up at the unreasonable time of 5:00am. 

Anyone else NOT a morning person?

After some prep and general balloon riding instructions, we were up. 
A few other balloons over the city.

Nothing like being in a woven basket attached to a large inflated bag with only a few nylon ropes.

Yes, that's me.

Remember, to get rid of your double chin, stick that chin forward! It works ;)

Birthday Girl!

Birthday girl enjoyed her balloon ride with her hot air balloon applique. She wanted a girl "with pigtails" in the basket and she choose all of her colors herself!

I added the "7" in the circle. You could add a letter, number, or leave it blank with a fun fabric selection.

I made a few modifications from her stitchout and here are the final results. 

I hope you enjoy them!


  1. I love boring inspiration stories! :)
    What an awesome birthday gift, your daughter looks delighted! You are a good mom... not sure I would have had the nerve to do it.

    1. Thank you! She was more scared of the noise than the heights. Now that I know my physics, I was definitely unsure of the whole experience ;)