Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cheer for the USA!

 The Olympic Games are almost upon us!

I come from a swimming family. Started when I was young, became a lifeguard at 15, started coaching when I graduated, and watched my siblings in their swimming pursuits. 

All three of my siblings swam in college. I guess I should say they swam at a major university with other top athletes, some of those Olympic medalists.

Me, eh, not so much. 

I spent most of my time in the Athletic Training Room with a bum shoulder. Sometimes we just aren't built the same way.

So, instead I pursued Athletic Training and followed around a bunch of swimmers (and other athletes) taking care of all of their ailments. Ahhhh, the stories I could tell if I hadn't signed a confidentiality agreement. 

Oh don't worry, I'm just a full time mom now.

Working to pay off her student loans. 

From 12 years ago.

Yeah, I know.

I didn't even need college to find a guy. I married my high school sweet heart!

Anyway, enough about that tangent.

All that just to say we enjoy watching swimming in our house.

My kids like to pretend play.

 They LOVE this set of Felt Medals.

Don't worry, full picture PDF instructions are included in the purchase.

If you haven't made any ITH items, here's a quick overview.

 You'll stabilize your WSS and stitch a placement line. For the medals, there is an extra placement stitch to add the ribbon. Or you can skip it if you have other ideas on how you want to use the file.

Add your felt on top and stitch.

Flip your hoop over.

Add your felt on the back side of the hoop. Use some adhesive so it doesn't fall off while you stitch!

Stitch the final tackdowns.

Unhoop and trim. Be careful not to cut the ribbon!

Fold the ribbon and add snaps or hook & loop.

 And you are done!

The Felt Medal Clippies are a smaller version of the medals.

There is no extra placement line to add ribbon. 

If you want to add the ribbon while in the hoop, just run the original placement line over and over until you have the ribbon secure. 

Or, you can add the feltie to a ribbon montage after you've stitched and cut it out.

Either way,


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