Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick Tip: That WSS


When you starting to applique, did you think there would be sooooo much extra stuff you would have to buy to have that "perfect" applique?

Multiple stabilizers, silicone spray, Heat N Bond, comfort cover, WSS.

It's a mass conspiracy to fuel the need to outdo the next. And to take a little bit more of our hard earned $$.

Or maybe I just didn't do my research.

WSS is short for Water Soluble Stabilizer. It comes in different weights. If you are going to make a patch, you need to use something heavy that will hold all of your stitching. Don't worry, the WS means it will wash away!

If you want your stitches to stay on top of your designs (either when using fleece, minky, and stitching on terrycloth or onesies) you can use a lighter weight.

I like to apply mine right before my final stitchout.

Either spray adhesive or pin in place.
And stitch!

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