Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick Tip: Getting "That WSS" OFF

So, have you tried a layer of wss on your design before stitching our the final satin stitches?

Did you like it?

And how about removing that top layer of wss?

Yes, that can be a bit of a pain. If the item you made is for yourself, you can easily wash away the wss.

But, if you made the item for someone else, you may be thinking of skipping the final soak with this little tip.

 Here's an item I made the other night using my "Give Thanks Cross" design.

With a lot of little spots for the wss to get stuck.

And you probably have several items in your home that would make peeling off the remaining wss go very quickly. 

I ended up using an eraser the other night because my favorite tool went missing (not that work area is ever messy). I used a regular green eraser but thought that maybe I should have grabbed the white one after a few strokes. Either way, the rubber easily grabs/pulls at the wss making your job a breeze.
(I will note that my favorite is tool is actually for office assistants: A Rubber Finger Tip! Google it. They are cheap and work well :)

Now, after seeing that BOX of rubber finger tips, you'd think I would have been able to find ONE!

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