Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting that rouched look.

Texture is good.

I love to add ribbon or frayed layers to my designs. They give it that "something different" look.

Recently though, I took a look at my ribbon and decided that I didn't want to buy any more. Does anyone else have too much stuff?

So, I decided to make an applique a little differently. I pleated the fabric.

Crazy huh?

I wasn't sure if I wanted to pleat or gather. I went for pleated as I like clean lines. I also found that tape held everything down very nicely (just make sure it is out of stitching range - you don't want to gum up your needle).

After my layering was completed, I added a water soluble stabilizer (wss) to the top so my foot wouldn't get caught on anything as I stitched out the tackdown stitch. 

Time to trim! Go slowly, cutting folded fabric can be a little tricky.

Lastly, before the final stitchout I added one more layer of wss just to make sure nothing would get caught and to give all of my stitches a clean even look.

Add a few bows and look: texture and volume all with clean lines in an applique!

For all of my designs, instructions are included. For this one, picture instructions are included too!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for this tutorial! What a GREAT idea! Hope you all have a fantastic vacation!

    Cindy Whitaker