Monday, March 11, 2013

A Real Mom Story

I've tried a few different things to work from home....substitute teach (which made me decide to home school my future children)........sell Usborne Books (which started our outrageous book collection)..........and create in my sewing room (still working on that one).

Any way you spin it, a mom works. She works with her kids and she works with her husband. She works with her house and her extended family. And, if she is able, she works with those outside of her home doing something she wants.

Here is a story of one of those moments for me. About five years ago, when I only had three children, I needed to take a call for an event I was hosting (one of those holiday get together events).

Read on if you want to see how well behaved my children are after a few minutes left to their own devices.....

*Names changed to protect the guilty ;)

Double, Double, Toilet and Trouble

This little story happened a week ago, but I am just now at a point where it is slightly funny. Ha Ha.

I've been planning this vendor fair to hold here so sell off some of my stock for Christmas. Someone I had been trying to get a hold of finally called, so I went to the basement to take the call. I left #3 sleeping in his room. I left #1 and #2 playing upstairs. Well, after a minute, I hear the toilet flush. Ok, so someone went potty. A couple of minutes later, it flushed again. Ok, the other one went potty. A minute later, the toilet flushes again.......and it keeps on flushing. Well, by this time, I know those two have been up to something. I hear running and toilet flushing. However, I really needed to talk to this lady, and by this point, I just didn't want to go face whatever they were doing.

When I did go up, I went over to the bathroom via going past the kitchen. I first notice #2's sleeves are all wet. Then I see the floor is wet. Then, I get to the bathroom and see a wet floor, soggy toilet paper all over, and #1 in the bathtub. Evidently, those two decided to take toilet paper, soak it in the toilet, and throw it at each other. That is where all the running came in to play. When I looked out of the bathroom and into the dining room, there was wet toilet paper hanging off the hutch, on the carpet, on the chairs, and hanging off the cord for the vacuum.

Those two where seriously in trouble. At first I didn't say anything, just walked away trying to think of what I was going to do to clean it all up since it was also dinner time at this point and #3 had woken up during their fun. Anyway, I stripped them down because they were soaked with toilet water and then tossed them in their beds. Then I picked up all of the toilet paper chunks off the floor. Then I wiped everything down (even the wood floors) with a bleach cleaner. After all that, I changed, fed #3, and then got #1 and #2 down to get them some dinner (an hour late).

I didn't say too much to them that night. #1 still talks about how he won't play with the toilet paper again because it is naughty. And yes, in 15 years I hope these two are mortified when I tell their friends how they decided to play in the toilet one night :)

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  1. That is hilarious! I'm sure it wasn't at first, but what a story! LOL