Thursday, March 21, 2013

Studio Stein: March 2013 Business Spotlight


This week's guest is Koral of Studio Stein.
Please read on as Koral tells us a little bit about herself, her business, and her inspiration.

  • Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Koral. I am a wife to an amazing man I am proud to say is an incredible father, a firefighter, and a support to my love of creating! I am also the proud mother of two incredible children: A brilliant, beautiful, and bubbling daughter and a wild, wonderful, and warm-hearted son.

  • How long have you been sewing?
I sewed a few things as a child, made a pillow in Girl Scouts, and sewed some curtains for my and my siblings' bedrooms. So technically since then. But, I caught my love of sewing when I was engaged to my husband: I wanted to make my own wedding gown. That was a success so I went on to make a total of 9 dresses for my wedding (mine, bridesmaids', flower girls', etc.) and never really stopped sewing after that! Many years later I am still happily married and happily sewing!

  • How did you get started using an embroidery machine?
After my wedding I continued on to make formal wear for others by word-of-mouth. I wanted to do custom embroidery on the wedding gowns I was creating so I bought my machine and jumped in with both feet.
  • What is your favorite item to make?
My favorite things to make are smiles. Sounds silly, I know, but things that matter to people, especially for my children and gifts, are why I do what I do. I LOVE gift giving more than chocolate and Starbucks combined (that is HUGE!!!). The only thing about this hobby and business that tops the great gift giving is the smile on my childrens' faces when I give them something I made just for them. My toddler is very proud telling everyone, "Mommy made! Mommy made!" and pointing to his shirt, cup, shorts, etc. everywhere we go. I have to admit, it never gets old hearing that! There is a lot of love and happiness wrapped into those moments and that is amazing!

  • Do you have a shop? Name? Location/website/s?
I do! My business is Studio Stein. I can be found on Facebook (, etsy (, and on my website (

  •  Bestselling item?
I sell birthday shirts more than any other product I create. If I guessed, before starting, what I would sell the most of, I must admit I would be surprised to hear myself say that is my top item!

  • In all of your years of embroidering, what is the best tip you've heard and would like to pass on?

This tip is one that I teach to my sewing students and applies to embroiderers as well: If your machine is on, your iron should be too.
  • Closing words of wisdom.
Never lose sight of your love of creating. Truly! Only make things that bring you joy and help you keep balance in your life. If you make your happiness and life a priority when creating and the rest of the pieces will fall into place much more smoothly!
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