Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Customer Appreciation Week - October 2013


Welcome to our eighth CAW! 
The first week of each month will feature a new designs and freebies.  Don't forget to like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all of our new releases and freebies! 

 Here is WHY I'm doing CAW!  I have loved to draw since I was a little girl and I was the one to always show up at Grandma's house with a handful of pictures. I appreciate this opportunity to create files for you to use with your little ones or your home business. Being able to stay at home with my children is a blessing and I would like to give you a little something in return!

Now, on to why you are here, THE GIVEAWAY! 

I know I usually have a beautiful bundle of fabric available for you to win, but this month I didn't have the time to narrow down what I wanted to get. Too many choices!

Instead I have a gift certificate for our website!

 Winner posted here.


  1. Thank you SO much for the giveaway!! I love your designs!!

  2. What is your Pinterest id? I can't seem to find you!

    1. Hi! Sorry, I guess I have it linked better on FB. Here it is :)