Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recycling is a great thing.

 I love making these verses for you. I really do!

What a great thing, to be able to spread God's love and grace through something so simple as an embroidered item.

As with all of my designs, I try test out each and every one myself.

This newest verse is a big one. 
6x10 hoop big. 

Too big for a towel....

....and I didn't have any large shirts for my older kids on hand.....

 .....so what to do......?

Thrift store!

Don't be shy now, I found a simple frame at a local thrift store for only $1.50.

Of course it was white.

And I meant to paint it black......

........but I guess I couldn't really tell what color I grabbed in our poorly lit garage.

Oh well. Brown works too!

I took out the plexiglass and taped the design on. 

And stuck it right back in.

How simple was that?

To download your free copy of this embroidery file, please visit our WEBSITE.

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