Monday, December 31, 2012

The old and the new!

 Gone is another year. Just like that all of my kids are a year older and I started getting grays. 

I had better just throw in the towel now huh?

 We celebrated the last birthday of the year with our little princess. She was touch and go in utero. I remember praying and praying for this little one. Well, God certainly knows what he is doing. She is the most active and "into everything" little child I have, and that's saying a lot since my first walked at nine months!

But, each time I leave one room after just cleaning up a mess only to arrive in another room to clean up another of her messes, I remember how I was on my knees praying for her safe arrival. It's humbling each and every time.

My little princess loves pink, princesses, and ponies. I made her a special shirt with all three :)

Happy Birthday to my little peanut!

 Since I can't say  "no" to my last born, I also made her a pink pony castle cake. 

It was the first time I've used fondant so be nice ;)

And that's it!

Happy New Year!

  Here's to another year of staying up the night before drawing, digitizing, and stitching my kids' birthday shirts. Hats off to those of you who make a whole outfit. 

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P.S. I'm sorry only one has been fully tested and made available to you. I promise to get the other listed this year......sometime.