Friday, December 14, 2012

Reusable Gift Tags

Some time ago I had this great idea to make in the hoop reusable luggage tags. 

I think they turned out well. 

However, I cannot get my directions clear enough and need to take more pictures. 

Yes, I do NOT release files that aren't clear enough to be stitched.

The above also had a felt version that IS simple.

Simple enough to change from a luggage tag to a reusable gift tag. 


And they are coming out in cute new shapes for all occasions.

From seasonal to plain.

These instructions contain photo instructions on how to make the gift tags with chalk fabric, a photo (or hand drawn picture) or with vinyl.

But the possibilities don't stop there. Think outside of the box!!

Take our new Reusable Heart Gift Tag.

Attach this to your gift on Feb 14th. 

 But maybe you need something for a classroom?

When stitching out the final tackdown, add an extra piece of felt to the back. You can use this pocket to add a piece of candy or if you are being healthy, a piece of chalk!

Flip the way direction of the felt and you have sucker covers.

Simple and quick!

Now, while I have chalk in my house (4 kids, we have chalk!), I love the crispness of chalk markers. I checked our local Micheal's and they didn't have any but they directed me to Staples. They had neon markers that would have worked, but I really wanted chalk! I asked at the counter if they carried them and they said they could order one! Free shipping to the store and it was there within two days. I'm not sure what stores near you carry them, but it never hurts to ask!

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