Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quick Stitch Designs Are Here To Stay

I love quick designs. We have four kids, and I barely have a complete thought all day. Getting time to test out a complicated applique is not at the top of any list that you would see sitting around my house.
Seriously. I just had a tooth pillow design on my machine for a week. Little. By. Little. It would get stitched out.

So, I love quick designs.

I first ventured into these quicker designs by making an Easter saying a few years ago. Four years ago to be exact. Wow, time flies!
At that time, customers were only interested in applique.

I caved.

I made the bunny applique as a compromise.

But, I kept toying with the idea of quicker designs.

And then my son decided on a sports car birthday shirt.
He was turning nine so I kept it simple. No applique. Just stitching.

And again when he turned ten. Simple. Just stitching.

At this point, I gave up all pretense about have time to stitch out appliques all of the time and started doing what I call "Quick Stitch" designs. There is nothing fancy about these designs, just some quick stitching for moms who do not have a lot of time between naps, dinner, and bath time!

Moms like me!

There are a lot of fun things you can do with Quick Stitch designs!

If you have the forethought, add a layer of fabric between your stabilizer and garment. When you are finished stitching, trim your garment (SCARY! I KNOW!) and you'll have a reverse applique.

Or grab some felt and make a tag. Use a tear-away stabilizer so you can remove the "white" at the end. Yes, you may have some stitching see through to the other side, but you can always stitch the name first, or run the design twice and add a felt piece to the back. 

Quick Stitch designs make it easy to add any name or saying without too much stitching!

Or use a piece of fabric on top of your garment to add a splash of color.

There are many ways to use our Quick Stitch designs.

But, the best part about them is that they leave you time to spend with your family.

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