Friday, February 22, 2013

Using your wishlist.

Our website has a wonderful feature that remembers what you have added to your cart just in case your computer unexpectedly turns off (i.e. the kids get too close).

However, have you ever seen a coupon code that you are in a hurry to use and all of the sudden, you find your cart full of items that need to be removed?

An easy way to keep track of what you want without keeping your cart full is to create a wishlist.

 At the bottom of every listing, you have the option to "Add to Wishlist."

By selecting this button, you will add the item to your wishlist without leaving the page you are on. 
Dangerous, I know! It adds up quickly!

To find your wishlist again, you'll need to go to your account.

 Under "E-Mail Notifications" you will see the link for your wishlist.

Here you are and you can fully see what you've added to your wishlist while perusing our site. 

 To add items to your cart, select the boxes next to the items you wish to purchase at that time and then "Add to Cart."

Another great feature is that you are able to mail your wishlist to friends and family. You can share projects you are working on, suggest designs for special occassions, or just let someone know what you have your eye on.

I know, I know. I would like the wishlist to be "one-click" accessable by being in a box on your page. I would LOVE that option! However, we just did taxes (er, well my husband just did our taxes) and that won't be happening soon. I you stick around, it WILL get done. It's on my wishlist!

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