Friday, January 6, 2012

Quick Tip: Adding ribbon to your felties.

 How many of you use your design files exactly as the notes specify?

(cough, cough) Not me!

Sometimes I add my own flair.

Let's go back to that basketball feltie.

Placement lines are sometimes annoying, especially if you are stitching out a lot and you know what you are doing. Skip them!

But, placement lines are perfect for those of you who haven't made a feltie before, OR want to add a bit of flair to your feltie.

Here we go again. Stitch out that placement line!

Now, instead of adding felt, add some ribbon! Any way you want! 
Go back and stitch that placement line A SECOND TIME!

Next, fold your ribbon in using tape or adhesive to hold in place. 

And stitch that placement line A THIRD TIME!

Next, unsnap your hoop and trim a bit of that ribbon away. 

Now, continue with the design. Add your felt and stitch your tackdown lines. 

Stop, unsnap your hoop and look at the back. 

Using adhesive spray, add a layer of felt to the back/bottom/underside of the design.

Like so.
Turn your hoop right side up and snap back into place.

Stitch that final securing tackdown line. 


And look!

Add your feltie to a hair clip, use one of the ribbons to add a ring to and make a keychain, OR.....

Grab a safety pin and pin to your shirt!

(At this point I would insert a "Go ****" but I'm not sure what team has these colors and I don't follow basketball. I will say "Go Blue!" though.)

Hopefully you are having fun thinking "outside of the box!"

Basketball feltie available here.

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