Monday, October 10, 2011

Your Order Downloads

Are you nervous?

I'm nervous. Murphey's Law seems to follow me around wherever I go. And, doing website stuff is the worst.

I like to do trial downloads just to make sure everything is working.

Here's the one I did the other day. I bought a regular priced item and a sale item.

After paying and checking out, you get a confirmation email that will look like this:

It shows you what you purchased, how much it was, the format, AND where to download the files.

If you select the link, it will take you back to the Original Stitches website and have you log in. ALL of your information and downloads are under the "My Account" selection at the top of the page.

After selecting "My Account" you select your order and that will look like this (minus the red boxes, those are my nifty additions):

Near the bottom is where the money is. Oh yeah, I just typed that!

You have 90 days and at least 2 downloads for each file purchased.

Yes! 90 days! I have four young kids, I know you can't always download what you need in a day. Maybe you are on your phone or maybe the internet went out.....either way you have 90 days to forget about your download your order.

If you ever have any questions, just return to your "My Account" page. Or email me, I'm almost always available. With four young kids, who wouldn't be?   ;)

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